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The Practitioners within the Centre are Regulated Health Professionals with high ethical standards and integrity. Each believes in Client Centered Care and continue to advance their knowledge and skills to provide their clients with the highest Quality of Care.

Only Certified Therapists are permitted to provide Laser Therapy treatments at the Wiesner Centre. Certification is obtained through oral and practical instruction at Meditech International. A successful written exam is required prior to Certification. Ongoing education is provided regularly by Meditech International and all Therapists at the Wiesner Centre are encouraged to participate.


The Wiesner Centre for Health and Wellness is a treatment oriented Clinic consisting of Regulated Health Care Professionals offering natural, chemical free health and wellness services in a safe and tranquil environment. The goal of every treatment is based on Intent, Purpose and Results.

The Professional Therapists work with their clients to restore, maintain and enhance their quality of lives. They believe in empower-ing their clients so they may take responsibility for their own health.

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