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Professor Endre Mester

Hungarian Professor, Endre Mester is considered to be the Father of Low Level Laser Therapy. In his first published experiment in 1966, he observed that laser therapy accelerated hair growth in rats.

During an experiment performed to determine the effects of laser light on tissue, (particularly whether exposure could cause cancer), Mester found that there were no adverse effects caused by any of the laser parameters performed. He did however observe that when he had exposed the mice to various levels or radiated light from a ruby laser, there was actually accelerated hair growth in the area where he had shaved the mice prior to the experiment.

Fred Kahn, MD, FRCS(C) Physician

For 18 years prior to initiating research in the field of Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Dr. Fred Kahn conducted an extremely busy surgical practice in Southern California and for 8 years, served as Chief of Staff at a major hospital in Santa Ana, California. He sustained a severe rotator cuff injury in a skiing accident and because he was aware of the shortcomings of surgical repair for this issue he decided to try Laser Therapy to treat the condition. Almost instantly he obtained relief from the pain and with continued treatment was able to restore normal range of motion of his shoulder. This inspired Dr. Kahn to develop a more sophisticated device to treat a more extensive range of clinical conditions.

Dr. Kahn began his research work in the field of Low Intensity Laser Therapy in 1989 and founded Meditech International Inc. in 1990. Meditech Rehabilitation Centres currently perform over 800 Laser Treatments per week, are open 7 days a week and are actively involved in clinical research.

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